Yemeni Development Network for NGOs (YDN) Monthly Bulletin, August 2020

Situation Report
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WASH Program

The Shelter and WASH Project in Al Udayn, Mudhikhera and Jiblah Districts, Ibb Governorate:

The WASH sector activities in this project were planned to include all aspects (Water, Sanitation , Hygiene , Solid waste disposal). Regarding to water, YDN aims to improve water facilities to be able to provide safe and adequate water for drinking and domestic purposes for beneficiaries by rehabilitating the water network which is the major source for people in Bani Hat sub-district. the rehabilitation includes replacement of the main line pipes with bigger diameter pipes ,repair or replacement of damaged pipes , bury the prominent pipes, add valves and inspection chambers, extend the network and add a collective tank. As well, YDN aims to enhance the sanitation system by the Construction of a septic tank in the sanitation network outlet to treat the sewage and reduce pollution where sewage water pours in floodway which is the main reason for water sources pollution and spread of diseases and epidemics. Also, the project aims to enhance environmental conditions and improve public health situation by conducting cleaning campaigns. The first stage will be a comprehensive campaign to collect piled garbage in urban area of Bani Hat sub-district. The second stage will be a regular campaign and will be conducted twice a week for six months. In addition YDN will conduct 300 awareness sessions to achieve hygiene promotion and community mobilization in the targeted area.

Establishment and Activation of community committee:

YDN has formed a community committee; nominated by community. At first YDN informed the community about the location and time through local authorities. At the selected day, sufficient number of people from targeted area gathered in the selected location .YDN team received some nomination requests and asked the attendance to vote for candidates. This resulting selecting five members and make those to nominated the head of the CC, in presence of Al Udayn district director and SCAMCH representative.

Establishment of Comprehensive Cleaning Campaign:

YDN has established this activity in presence of governor of Ibb governorate, director of Al -Udain district ,deputy manager of Ibb cleaning fund and some of community leaders.

This campaign is planned to collect piled garbage in urban area of Bani Hat subdistrict. Those campaigns are directed for the disposal of the existing piled garbage. According to assessment conducted by YDN WASH team which illustrated that there are 47 point of piled garbage and the volume of it is about 460 ton, In addition, YDN supports cleaning fund workers with equipment (Carry, Boat, excavator, Garbage pail, Hat, Shovel, Sweepers, Uniform) and incentive. Also YDN will supports the cleaning fund with fuel for the trucks.