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Yemen UNHCR Weekly Update, 10 - 16 November 2017

Situation Report
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20.7 million people in need

2,014,026 Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs)

89 per cent of IDPs displaced for more than a year

956,076 IDP returnees

1,015,375 recipients of CRIs since March 2015

280,539 refugees and asylum seekers


USD 114.6 M requested in 2017

Operational Update

UNHCR is alarmed at the worsening humanitarian situation in Yemen following the temporary closure of land, sea and air borders on 6 November. This latest crisis has generated intolerable suffering for people in Yemen, including the 21 million already in need, with closures preventing life-saving humanitarian and critical commercial supplies from entering the country, and restricting the movement of aid workers.

Among some of the worst hit are Yemen’s two million internally displaced persons (IDPs). Many live in crowded, unsafe, unsanitary and undignified collective centers, sheltering in unfinished or war-impacted buildings, or exposed to the elements in makeshift shelters in spontaneous settlements – made of little more than rags and cardboard.

Among this huge number of people in need, UNHCR this week witnessed a doubling in the numbers of IDPs, as well as refugees and asylum seekers, approaching UNHCR-supported community centres, as prices across the country rise. In Sana’a alone, some 800 people a day approached the ADRA centre seeking assistance as families become more destitute and unable to absorb this latest financial shock. Speaking with UNHCR, persons of concern have highlighted their urgent needs including rent, health care, fuel and food.

At least 375 refugees, who were hoping to return home to Somalia, supported by UNHCR and IOM through an Assisted Spontaneous Return programme, remain in Yemen, as three boat departures from the Port of Aden to Berbera in Somalia were postponed due to the closure of Yemen’s sea ports. Furthermore, border closures are also impacting aid deliveries. New stocks of UNHCR emergency assistance destined for close to 140,000 IDPs have been halted. Together with the humanitarian community in Yemen, UNHCR is advocating for the border closures to be lifted without delay, as closures are posing a critical threat to the millions already struggling to survive.