Yemen UNHCR Update, 1 - 15 July 2018

Situation Report
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The United Nations Secretary General’s Special Envoy to Yemen, Martin Griffiths, has continued with his diplomatic efforts to find a solution to the conflict in Yemen, with the hope of restoring peace and stability in Al Hudaydah. During the reporting period, the situation in Hudaydah city was relatively calm owing to a pause in military operations. However, clashes intensified in At Tuhayat and Zabid districts of Hudaydah city in the second week of July and intermittent airstrikes and shelling continued in Sa’ada and Taizz.

The protection of civilians continues to be threatened in Al Hudaydah by indiscriminate attacks, as fighting has spilled over into urban areas. According to the latest UN Refugee Agency-led (UNHCR) Civilian Impact Monitoring Project (CIMP) report, the number of civilian impact incidents in Al Hudaydah rose by 78 per cent (16 incidents) from 5-11 July, as the fighting entered more populated areas. Some 88 per cent of these incidents were recorded in the At Tuhayat and Zabid districts of the governorate, which resulted in 59 civilian casualties, double than that of the previous week. The incident with the largest potential protection implication occurred in At Tuhayat, where the main water tanks supplying the city were reportedly damaged, affecting as many as 14,424 households. The CIMP report also indicated that 50 per cent of the incidents were caused by airstrikes, followed by shelling.

The Head of UNHCR’s Aden sub-office visited Kharaz Camp with the Governor of Lahj, Chief Security Lahj and Chief of the Security Belt on 5 July. UNHCR, in partnership with the Governor, inaugurated a water project in the village adjacent to the camp, to benefit host community members. In relation to the registration and documentation of all refugees residing in Lahj Governorate, the Governor expressed his support for the issuance of identification documents for refugees.