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Yemen: UNHCR Regional Update - Yemen Situation #10 (19 June 2015)



  • In Yemen, UNHCR’s partner the Charitable Society for Social Welfare (CSSW) succeeded in delivering medicine and therapeutic food (Plumpy Nut) by boat to Kharaz refugee camp from Basateen, Aden. UNHCR’s partner Society for Humanitarian Solidarity (SHS) transported 14,000 litres of fuel to Kharaz camp.

  • Food rations in Kharaz camp have run out; the monthly distribution scheduled on 15 June did not take place as the rations are still blocked in Hodeida port. Efforts to transport the food to the camp have been unsuccessful, though UNHCR is seeking solutions.

  • Some 52 trucks were loaded with emergency items that arrived by vessel from Dubai to Hodeida; the items were sent to UNHCR warehouses in Sana’a for distribution to vulnerable displaced families.

  • Three projectiles destroyed the generator and fuel tank at the Basateen health clinic in Aden; until further notice the clinic is not operational.

  • In Djibouti, 17,929 persons of mixed nationalities arrived to Djibouti as of 9 June (since 27 March). Of those, 8,921 persons are Yemeni nationals.

  • In Somalia, the total number of arrivals to date is 17,356 individuals for which 90 per cent are Somali nationals. Out of them, 9,884 individuals were registered at the reception centres in Bossaso and Berbera and in Mogadishu.