Yemen: UNHCR Operational Update, covering the period 5 - 14 October 2021

Situation Report
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Key Figures:

20.7 million people in need

Over 4 million internally displaced

Up to 1.2 million displaced Yemenis living across 1,800 hosting sites

74,479 individuals (12,413) families newly displaced in 2021

Children and women represent up to 76 per cent of the total IDP population

129,531 refugees

12,075 asylum-seekers

Funding: USD 271 M required for 2021 operations

IDP Response

UNHCR issued its latest cash post-distribution monitoring report, analysing progress on key food consumption and other wellbeing indicators over a four-month period. Overall, the results reaffirm previous findings that regular and steady monthly cash assistance significantly supports families in meeting their immediate food needs, while reducing the risk of falling into hunger and minimizing their exposure to harmful coping mechanisms. Highlights include a drop in poor food consumption scores from 56% to 43%, and a positive increase in families not having to reduce the number of meals per day from 38% to 48%, among others. Detailed information can be found here. Since the beginning of the year, UNHCR has provided cash assistance to over one million displaced Yemenis (some 165,000 families), distributing more than USD 58 million.

As needs keep rising in Marib, UNHCR continues to distribute core relief items (CRIs) and emergency shelter kits to those forced to flee. Since the beginning of the year, UNHCR has distributed emergency shelter kits and CRIs to more than 15,000 families (some 90,000 individuals). In addition, over 10,000 individuals have received psychosocial support and close to 3,000 have been assisted with legal counselling.

This week’s ‘UNHCR forced to flee podcast’ covers the extraordinary journeys taken all too often in Yemen, including the story of Fatima, a displaced Yemeni woman from Marib. “We travelled in fear and horror… we were more than 35 people on a truck, we arrived in Sana’a with nothing”. Listen to Fatima’s compelling story on Forced to Flee - Line of Fire.

Widespread flooding over recent months has affected more than 13,500 families across Yemen. Since late July 2021, torrential rains and widespread flooding have destroyed homes and caused widespread damage to infrastructure. Displaced Yemenis living in informal sites have been among the most affected. Access to clean water and adequate shelter have been particularly impacted in the most affected areas. UNHCR is working to ensure the provision of CRIs and emergency shelter kits for those most urgently in need of assistance.

Refugee Response

Distributions of education cash assistance for refugees began in Aden and Lahj governorates. The intervention targets a total of 4,628 primary and secondary school refugee students. Some 2,544 primary school refugees in Kharaz refugee camp in Lahj, and 1,597 students in Basateen in Aden will receive YER 40,000 each (around USD 75). Additionally, 487 secondary school refugee students will receive YER 20,000 each (around USD 35) in Kharaz refugee camp. The assistance aims to cover expenses for school uniforms and stationery.