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Yemen: UNHCR Operational Update, covering the period from 10 to 24 May 2022



  • Following the signing of the truce agreement on 1st April 2022, Yemen has observed a reduction in the otherwise regular violations of International Humanitarian Law (IHL) and International Human Rights Law (IHRL), along with a decrease in the number of civilian casualties and forced displacements.

  • UNHCR and food security data reveal a strong correlation between displacement and extreme acute food insecurity. Out of the 4.3 million vulnerable IDP population across Yemen, over 88 per cent (3.8 million individuals) are projected to live in districts categorized as being in an emergency food insecure situation, a phase just below the worst catastrophe phase.

  • Multiple fire incidents reported in several IDP sites in Hudaydah and Marib governorates. Up to 10 fire incidents were recorded in IDP sites during the reporting period, namely in Hudaydah (seven fire incidents) and Marib (three incidents).

  • Emergency cash assistance continues alleviating the suffering of individuals in an extremely vulnerable situation. During the reporting period over 30 individuals benefited from emergency cash assistance in Hudaydah and Sa’ada governorates.

  • More than 1,200 refugees, asylum-seekers and Yemenis assisted through UNHCR-supported clinics. Last week, UNHCR assisted over 1,200 individuals in Basateen (Aden) and Kharaz Refugee Camp (Lahj) with medical support through Primary Health Care Centres.