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Yemen: UNHCR Operational Update, 18 March 2021



20.7 million people in need

Over 4 million internally displaced

Over 80 per cent have been displaced for more than a year

18,276 individuals (3,046 families) newly displaced in 2021

Children and women represent up to 79 per cent of the total IDP population 143,409 refugees 10,997 asylum-seekers

IDP Response

On 17 March, the UN and partners released the 2021 Yemen Humanitarian Response Plan. Humanitarian partners are seeking USD 3.85 billion to assist 16 million people affected by conflict, displacement, natural hazards, economic decline, weakened infrastructure and basic services across the country. The UN and partners will lead urgent interventions to prevent outbreaks of disease, prevent famine and malnutrition, lower mortality and morbidity, restore livelihoods, and deliver protection services to civilian populations.

During the reporting period, UNHCR and partner NMO distributed transitional shelter kits to 297 displaced families (around 1,782 individuals) in Al-Khawkha district, Hudaydah governorate. UNHCR and partners are prioritizing displaced families whose shelters remain inadequate and who continue to reside in precarious conditions in hosting sites.

During the reporting period, UNHCR identified eight cases involving child labour in Sana’a. Intensified fighting and the declining economic situation are forcing an increasing number of families to rely on harmful coping mechanisms, including child labour. To avoid reliance on these measures, UNHCR continues to provide psychosocial support and counselling to affected families, taking into consideration the child’s best interest. UNHCR further provides a variety of recreational and other activities to promote wellbeing and encourage resilience among children affected by the conflict. During the reporting period, UNHCR organized recreational activities in AlRaqqa hosting site, in Hamdan district, Sana’a governorate for the children of families fleeing hostilities in neighboring areas.