Yemen UNHCR Flash Update, 29 March 2017

from UN High Commissioner for Refugees
Published on 29 Mar 2017


62,000 People estimated to be displaced predominantly in and from Taizz, but also Dhamar

18,151 Recently displaced individuals from Taizz have been assisted with NFIs and shelter support

1,991,340 Internally displaced persons (IDPs) since onset of hostilities in March 2015.

1,048,896 IDP returnees since March 2015


After weeks of intense negotiations, UNHCR has reached the embattled district of Mokha in Yemen’s western governorate of Taizz, where hostilities have escalated since January.
Intensified fighting has led to more than 48,000 people being displaced from Taizz in the past six weeks alone, out of a total of approximately 62,000, which included some displacement of 13,900 in Dhamar. Dhamar has since stabilized, yet humanitarian access to Mokha, one of the worst affected areas within Taizz Governorate, has been challenging owing to ongoing clashes and movement restrictions imposed by parties to the conflict.
Fighting is affecting essential services including medical, fuel delivery and water supply and those trapped face serious risks in an effort to reach safety, involving mined roads and ongoing hostilities. UNHCR remains concerned about the plight of these civilians.
UNHCR is also deeply distressed by an incident in which 42 persons of concern lost their lives off Yemen’s Red Sea Coast. The High Commissioner has called for an inquiry in to the horrific event, which also left a further 39 people injured, when the boat they were traveling in was attacked by unidentified assailants some 30 km from Al Hudayadah Governorate.