Yemen tightens security measures amid fears of al-Qaida retaliation

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Yemeni security authorities intensified on Saturday security measures nationwide in anticipation of retaliatory attacks by al-Qaida following crackdowns on the extremist group, army-run online daily 26 September reported.

Yemeni Interior Ministry said it increased the presence of security forces around public utilities, governmental facilities and foreign institutions in anticipation of any retaliatory actions by the group's militants, Xinhua reported.

The ministry added that measure adopted by security agencies included intensified anti-arms possession campaigns in the country, a follow-up plan to arrest terrorist suspects and increasing military presence in areas surrounding major cities and governorates.

The tight security measures came only days after Yemeni security authorities started a series of crackdowns on pro-Qaida militants in which 34 al-Qaida elements have been killed and 29 others arrested.