Yemen: Task Force on Population Movement (TFPM) - 17th Report - August 2018

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The Task Force for Population Movement (TFPM) is a Technical Working Group that falls operationally under the Inter-Cluster Coordination Mechanism (ICCM) but is under the general oversight of the Humanitarian Country Team (HCT) and works in close coordination with local and national authorities. The TFPM implements an interview tool that collects data and the locations of displaced persons and mobile populations across Yemen. IOM facilitates the operationalization of the tool including data analysis and report preparation.

As of June 2018, the Yemen TFPM estimates 2,331,264 internally displaced persons (IDPs) (388,544 households) the majority of whom were displaced due to conflict ongoing since March 2015 and dispersed across 22 governorates.* For the same period, the TFPM identified 1,012,464 IDP returnees (168,744 households) across 22 governorates. In addition to these two population groups monitored by the TFPM, through an Emergency Tracking Tool (ETT), IOM also identified over 300,000 individuals forced to flee their homes as a result of escalating conflict in the Al Hudaydah governorate.

The protracted displacement and return figures were compiled using data from the 32nd Round of the DTM Area Assessment, which was available for 9 governorates; the 26th Round of the DTM Area Assessment, which was available for 1 governorate; and the latest available numbers from the National Authorities in the remaining governorates where DTM was not active. Compiled datasets can be found here.

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