Yemen: Task Force on Population Movement (TFPM) - 14th Report - Dashboard - May 2017

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Through March 2017 the TFPM has observed a overall decrease in the conflict-related displacement of 2,394 individuals (-0.12%). In addition, there has been an overall decrease in the conflict-affected return population by 148,638 individuals (-14%). Food was reported as the top priority need among 76% of identified IDP locations and 49% of returnee locations.

Population figures:

2 million IDPs

0.9 million Returnees

Key Findings

  • 55% of IDPs are children.

  • 10.3% of the total population of Yemen remain displaced or have returned to their areas of origin.

  • 75% of conflict IDPs originate from four governorates: Taizz (27%), Hajjah (19%), Sa’ada (15%) and Amanat Al Asimah (14%).

  • 71% of conflict returnees are located in four governorates: Aden (37%), Amanat Al Asimah (20%), Lahj (8%) and Taizz (7%).

  • 50% of conflict IDPs are located in four governorates: Hajjah (19%), Taizz (15%), Amanat Al Asimah (8%), Amran (8%).

  • 23% of the IDP population reside in collective centers (CC) or spontaneous settlements (SS).

  • 81% of IDPs have been displaced for more than one year.

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