Yemen: Task Force on Population Movement (TFPM) - 13th Report - March 2017

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The Task Force for Population Movement (TFPM), co-led by IOM and UNHCR is a Technical Working Group of the Yemen Protection Cluster. The TFPM implements an information management tool that gathers data on the status and location of displaced persons across Yemen.

As of 01 February 2017, the TFPM has identified, 1,991,340 internally displaced persons (IDPs) (331,890 house-holds) who have been displaced due to conflict since March 2015, dispersed across 21 governorates. For the same period, the TFPM has identified 1,048,896 returnees (174,816 households), across 19 governorates.

As a result, 11.3% of the total population of Yemen has experienced the shock of displacement due to conflict in the last 23 months.

N.B. The most recent large scale displacement seen along the Western Coast of Yemen and in Dhamar gover-norate as a result of Operation Golden Spear is not fully reflected within this report as the data collection for this report concluded before major displacement from the operation.


  • Through December 2016 and January 2017 the TFPM has observed a overall decrease in the conflict-related displacement of 15,876 individuals (-0.79%). At the governorate level the most significant decreases have been observed in Hajjah and Sana’a (16,386 and 10,284 individuals, respectively).

  • On the other hand, there has been an overall increase in the conflict-affected return population by 21,222 individuals (+2%). In particular, increased return movements have been ob-served in 11 governorates, with over 18,426 new returnees identified in Al Hudaydah.

  • It remains that 87% of the population who have returned from their displacement in the last 23 months have returned to 33 districts. Geographically this represents just 10% of the 333 districts in Yemen, and therefore suggests that clear pockets of return, in areas of relative stability, may be materializing.

  • Of the total returnee population, an estimated 86% (or 959,540 individuals) have returned from displacement areas situated within their governorate of origin.

  • Indicative data collected by the TFPM at the community level through key informants show that the number one priority need among IDPs are: food (75%), access to income (8%), shelter/housing (6%) and cooking/washing water (4%).

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