Yemen - Spike in Dengue cases (DG ECHO, WHO, MSF, media) (ECHO Daily Flash of 09 October 2019)

  • A seasonal spike in dengue has been reported, with more cases in 2019 than in previous years. There have been 14,540 suspected cases of dengue fever, with 79 associated deaths recorded since the beginning of the year. The increased reporting is also likely linked to an increased number of surveillance sites and improved case detection, definition and reporting.
  • Southern governorates are mainly affected, with 88 districts reporting suspected dengue cases in the last four weeks and 83% of the cases reported in four governorates: Taiz (38%), Abyan (21%), Lahj (13%) and Aden (11%).The risk of transmission has increased due to years of conflict owing to a lack of sanitation, poor living conditions and a lack of vector-control activities.