Yemen Socio-Economic Update, Issue 55 - December 2020 [EN/AR]

Situation Report
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This issue of the YSEU bulletin comes as a follow up review of sustainable development goals and indicators, and it focuses on goals with social dimension, i.e. one of the most important dimensions and themes related to SDGs. It highlights issues in the area of health, education, equality, WASH, justice and peace, which are closely connected to the current difficult human situation in Yemen. This YSEU issue also presents major challenges and difficulties impeding the achievement of SDGs with economic, social and environmental dimensions, including inputs needed to realize these goals in view of the current situation under specific strategic directions.

As seen in part I, this second part draws a comparison between Yemen’s progress across several indicators and some other counterparts at the Arab and world (as medians), including the gap between Yemen’s status and SDG target values. It is complemented by two appendices, one covers the national statistics pertaining to certain SDGs and related indicators for the period 2014-2018, while the other sheds some light on indicators whose data are not available, and require extra attention by the competent authorities as part of relevant policies and procedures designed to make the intended progress towards SDGs agenda 2030.