Yemen Socio-Economic Update, Issue 51 - August 2020 [EN/AR]

Situation Report
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In this edition:

I: The Social and Economic Cost of War and Conflict (Estimated Damage and Losses)

II: Social Recovery

III: Economic Recovery

IV: Priorities for the Recovery and Reconstruction of Infrastructure Sectors V: Institutional and Social Peace Building


Economic recovery, reconstruction, and reaching a sustainable peace in Yemen remains a major issue requiring a great deal of attention, reflection and early preparedness as part of the government agenda. It constitutes a key focus area within the interventions by Yemen’s regional and international partners, which should not wait nor it be delayed given its direct impact on the lives of communities, their future survival, livelihoods and economies, as well as the future of Yemen whole, both land and people. This involves levelling and configuring the public environment with all its economic, social, security and political dimensions. In addition to the rehabilitation and reconstruction of infrastructure damages caused by years of war and conflict as well as the community assets, foundations of assembly co-existence, resume the development drive and create a safe and conducive environment for economic growth, jobs generation, better standards of living and incomes and HR development. Given the lean years that the country has been through, this process needs also to help in addressing challenges, difficulties, bottlenecks and deep scars in the fabric of the Yemeni society and its infrastructure, institutional and human wise. It is a holistic reform and reconstruction process involving the different components of the society, including government bodies, private sector institutions and civil society organizations, together with regional and international partners. Although these steps are important at this stage, they are just basic in formulating a comprehensive reconstruction and development agenda, should a sustainable peace accord be reached to: 1) end the state of fragmentation and conflict, 2) propel the country forward into the path of a normal life full of hope, aspiration and accomplishment, 3) reset the course for Yemen’s reintegration into its regional and international surroundings and affectively lay the foundations for stability and development. This YSEU issue sheds some light on this topic and calls for those concerned and interested to reflect on, think, debate and share ideas and visions to this end. Note: The perceived and hoped-for role of the private sector in the economic recovery and reconstruction phase is quite important. Hence, this role can only be optimized by means of true partnership with the private sector. Therefore, issue (53) will be dedicated to the topic of PPP, including a thorough coverage of such perceived role.