Yemen Socio-Economic Update, Issue 48 - May, 2020 [EN/AR]

Situation Report
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This issue of the YSEU comes as part of the ongoing national efforts to improve and promote the social protection system in Yemen and it supplements regional and international actions calling for social protection to be the main focus while handling the socio-economic impact of the novel Coronavirus, especially for groups covered by the social protection umbrella being the most affected by the current crisis at the health and social dimensions. Social protection has become a haven for those who are lacking the necessities of secure life given the current difficult times that the entire world has been experiencing where millions of people lost their jobs with the ensuing risks surrounding them in just about everything.

Despite the protracted crises plaguing Yemen for years as well as the disasters, conflicts and wars that devastated the livelihoods, lands and health of its people, it nevertheless manages to resist and cope with such circumstances based on great hope in God at the first place and that severity is always followed by relief, prosperity, stability and peace. Bearing in mind these rationale and others, this issue comes as a lifeboat for social protection being a human right.
Social protection is defined as “a set of policies and programs designed to reduce and alleviate destitution and poverty levels prevalent in many developing communities through multiple constructive interventions and policies, as part of the national development strategies to reduce poverty and promote inclusive and sustainable growth, including increasing the household incomes, advancing productivity, HR development, stimulating domestic demand, facilitating structural transformation of the economy, promoting decent work and social justice while seeking to realize human rights represented by social security for all. The social protection programs need to be part of institutional pro-community programs.

As a means to mitigate the impacts of conflicts and pandemics as well as a tool to build resilience and early recovery, social protection is also a key element of any social safety and social security net, especially under the current economic and social situation in Yemen. For all that, the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation played a great and important role in mobilizing international support to ensure continuity of the social protection umbrella in Yemen and adapt it to multiple crises and epidemics.

Given its importance, the issue of social protection will be addressed in two parts in the framework of this monthly bulletin. The first part (in this issue) will provide a background idea about social protection and successive crises in Yemen, followed by a review and analysis of key activities by the national funds, institutions and agencies. The second part (in the upcoming issue) will, meanwhile, address the various aspects of the Coronavirus pandemic vis-à-vis interventions by international institutions and agencies implementing social protection programs and the role of MoPIC in mobilizing donor resources to finance and protect social protection programs and plans, including strengthening their organizational and implementing capacities. This part will also provide an assessment of effectiveness level of the social protection system in Yemen during the period from 2015 until now, to highlight the most important priorities and policies that would help decision makers draw, develop and promote the social protection system.