Yemen Socio-Economic Update, Issue 47 - April 2020 [EN/AR]

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On the occasion of the Holy month of Ramadan, we are pleased to extend our best congratulations to the Yemeni people and peoples of Arab and Islamic nations, calling on the Almighty to bestow peace, health, security and stability to the entire country.

This special edition of the Economic and Social Updates Bulletin in Yemen addresses mainly the current state of the health sector in Yemen, and the national measures taken to combat the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) while highlighting the most important socioeconomic impact of the virus up to proposed policies and remedies based on tailored interventions. This issue will also briefly address the international and regional dimension from different angles with its potential impact on Yemen because the country is fragile and more vulnerable to global and regional changes and fluctuations. This may be due to the nature of the current situation as well as the state of war and conflict from on the one hand while learning about the UN, international and regional response plans and experiences of many countries in combating this pandemic on the other, in order to benefit from them as the virus incidence evolves.