Yemen Socio-Economic Update, Issue 30 - December 2017 [EN/AR]



Yemenis have bid farewell to 2017 with sad memories of crises and tragedies that happened throughout the year and affected lands and people in Yemen. However, we are receiving 2018 with a glimmer of hope in our hearts that peace will be achieved and all Yemenis will smile again.

2017 was indeed the most difficult of all previous years, marked by the longest interruption in regular payment of public employee salaries, the largest cumulative shrink in GDP, the highest increase in the USD exchange rate and the depletion of external reserves amid a severe liquidity crisis in the banking sector.

In parallel, Yemen has reached a record on the international crisis map, facing one of the world’s largest humanitarian crisis, the world’s largest man-made food security crisis, the world’s largest cholera epidemic and was placed among the worst seven countries worldwide in the Malnutrition Mapping Worldwide.
Unfortunately, the human, physical and economic cost of the ongoing war is increasing day by day.
Without peace, Yemenis may experience more tragic situations in 2018. At all times, the highest priority remains to expand the humanitarian assistance to meet the emergency needs of the vulnerable and affected population in different areas, taking into consideration women and children, with a focus on supporting livelihood, providing regular salaries to public employees, disbursing cash transfers to the poor and providing operating expenses for the basic social services.