Yemen: Situation Update No. 2 - Humanitarian Impact in Al Hodeidah and Red Sea Coast, 22 November 2021 [EN/AR]

Situation Report
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On 12 November, forces aligned with the Government of Yemen (GoY) vacated their positions around Hodeidah City, including As Saleh Residential Complex, the Red Sea Mills, Kilo 16 area, the Thabet Brothers Industrial Complex, Al Mandar area and Hodeidah International Airport. GoY-aligned forces also withdrew from Ad Durayhimi and Bayt Al Faqih districts, and most of the areas under their control in At Tuhayta District, reportedly redeploying to Al Haymah area north of Al Khukhah City, some 90 kilometers south of Hodeidah City. Ansarullah forces took control of the vacated areas up to and including most of At Tuhayta District.

The new frontlines had remained relatively stable between 12 and 17 November, stretching from the outskirts of Al Hayma Port, on the boundary between At Tuhayta and Al Khukhah districts, eastwards to Hays City. However, since 18 November, GoY-aligned forces have taken control of most areas in Hay District. According to field reports, the situation remains extremely volatile, with GoY forces advancing northwest towards Al Jarrahi District, northeast towards Jabal Ras District, and southeast towards Maqbanah District in Ta’iz Governorate. Intense armed clashes have been reported in these areas.


According to the GoY Executive Unit for Internally Displaced Persons, following the developments on 12 November, some 1,014 families (about 7,098 people) were displaced from various areas in Al Hodeidah Governorate to Al Khukhah City, while 341 other families (some 2,287 people) were displaced further south to Al Makha District in Ta’iz Governorate.

On 21 November, the Supreme Council of the Management and Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (SCMCHA) reported that at least 455 (about 3,185 people) families were displaced from Hays District northwards to areas controlled by the de facto authorities (DFA) in Al Jarrahi and At Tuhayta, while some 147 other families (about 1,029 people) were displaced northeast to Jabal Ras District, as a result of the recent hostilities in Hays District.

Hostilities in Hays District have caused the closure of one of the major south-north commercial routes. The major southnorth commercial traffic route which ran through Damt District in Ad Dali' Governorate was blocked due to conflict in November 2018, shifting to Qa'tabah District until fighting rendered this route also inaccessible in April 2019. Since then, the route running from Aden through Al Makha and Al Khukhah to Hays and from there to Ibb and other areas in the north has become a vital artery for commercial traffic and the transport of humanitarian assistance from Aden port to northern governorates. According to field reports, hundreds of trucks carrying commercial supplies have in recent days been observed waiting along the route in Al Makha and Al Khukhah as fighting has interrupted traffic into Hays District. The interruption of traffic along this route might have dire humanitarian consequences if it continues.

On the other hand, field reports indicate that the road connecting Al Hodeidah and Sana’a governorates through the Kilo 16 area has been partially opened for civilian traffic. In the meantime, limited civilian movement and demining activities have been reported along the coastal road, connecting Hodeidah City with Ad Durayhimi, Bayt Al Faqih and At Tuhayta districts. An initial mission was undertaken, jointly with authorities, on 15 November to assess the suitability of this road for travel by humanitarian partners. A more more in-depth assessment led by UNDSS will soon follow.

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