Yemen Situation Update, May 2018

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In response to the Cyclone Makunu that hit the Socotra Governorate in Yemen from 23 to 25 May 2018, the WFPled Logistics Cluster coordinated airlifts of humanitarian cargo from Aden to Socotra with the aircraft normally prepositioned in Djibouti to carry out airlifts to Sana’a. The aircraft moved from Djibouti to Aden on 29 May, and one Logistics Cluster staff was deployed to Aden as well to implement the response. On the same day, the UNHAS passenger aircraft based in Djibouti travelled to Aden and from there to Socotra to send a UN rapid response team of 10 staff to assess the situation on the ground. Although the cargo aircraft, a B727, has a capacity of some 20 mt, each cargo rotation was only able to carry on average 10.4 mt of cargo as Jet A1 fuel is not available in Socotra.

Four rotations were carried out over five days, transporting all the cargo in the service requests submitted to the Logistics Cluster. Overall, some 52 mt/241 m3 of relief items were transported on behalf of five organisations. o The first rotation was carried out on 31 May, transporting 15 mt of HEBs on behalf of WFP;

  • The second rotation took place on 02 June, carrying almost 14 mt of Shelter and Protection equipment on behalf of UNHCR and UNFPA respectively;

  • The third rotation on 3 June carried some 13 mt of Shelter and WASH equipment on behalf of IOM and UNICEF respectively;

  • The fourth and last rotation (4 June) transported 10 mt of WASH and food cargo on behalf of UNICEF and WFP.

  • On 4 June, the day of the last cargo airlift, UNHAS performed a dedicated flight from Socotra to Aden for the UN rapid response team to return to the Yemeni mainland.