Yemen: Situation Update - Humanitarian Impact of Flooding | 25 August – 18 September 2022 [EN/AR]



Over the reporting period, floods abated in several governorates, compared to July and August, when heavy rains triggered severe flooding in vast areas across the country. However, areas, such as Marib and Hajjah governorates, were battered, with thousands of families impacted.
According to reports received from authorities, an estimated 231,000 people (33,00 households), were reported to be affected by floods in 120 districts of 14 governorates between 25 August and 18 September. In August, 80 per cent of the country received heavy rainfalls with a cumulative amount of about 2500 mm, which was 45 per cent higher than the rainfall experienced in August 2021, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations. However, FAO’s Agrometeorological Early Warning Bulletin for the first 10 days of September indicated a few governorates receiving 100 mm of cumulative rainfall. Slowing rainfall amount denotes the flood season is ending.

Humanitarian response, including for people who experienced floods in previous months, continues. Humanitarian partners assisted more than 7,300 households with some form of assistance over the reporting period. Due to funding shortages, response gaps were reported, with limited or exhausted resources and relief supplies. Aid partners directed resources from existing programmes to respond to the immediate needs of people. However, more support is needed to address longerterm needs and rehabilitation. With the rains and floods, explosive remnants of war threats to civilians reportedly increased and partners underlined the need for mine action and awareness in areas hit by floods. The low intensity of floods signalled the end of the rainy season, with impacts generally limited. However, preparedness and resilient-building activities are needed to be strengthened to prepare the community for the next floods season, while mitigating the impacts.


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