Yemen Situation Update (29 June 2016)


Access Constraints

Road Update

Non accessible

  • Taizz city through Al-Qahira, Al-Modhafer and Al-Wazea'ia districts.

  • Hodeidah to Taizz through Al-Shemayten, Al-Ma'afer, Al-Mawset, Jabal Habshi and Al-Misrakh districts.

  • Sana’a to Al-Hazm city.

  • Aden to Taizz through Karesh, At Turbah.

Difficult to access:

  • The roads in Al-Baydha directorates are damaged due to floods and rainfall that occurred in April 2016.

  • The road from Sana’a to Ma’rib is difficult to access due to ongoing armed clashes and it is difficult to obtain clearances.


  • Amran (Harf soufian) bridge is destroyed and alternative roads are difficult to access.

  • Many bridges in Sa'ada were destroyed and alternative roads are difficult to access, exact locations are unknown.

The latest Access constraints maps are available at the following links:

Ports updates

  • Hodeida port is operational with 8 vessels discharging at berth, 25 vessels awaiting at anchorage.

  • Saleef Port is operational with 2 vessels discharging at berth, 10 vessels awaiting at anchorage.

  • Aden Port is operational with 8 vessel discharging at berth, 5 vessels awaiting at anchorage.

Hodeidah port rehabilitation

  • The Logistics Cluster and WFP held meetings with port authorities to discuss further details regarding the port rehabilitation.