Yemen Situation Update (10 April 2015)

Situation Report
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Situation Overview

  • As of 23 March 2015, the conflict in Yemen has escalated significantly. Airstrikes and violence have now affected 14 out of 22 Governorates. In the capital city of Sana’a, bombings have caused significant infrastructure damage including schools and factories, multiple civilian casualties and high levels of population displacement (OCHA, 7 April).

  • Between 19 March and 5 April, 614 people are estimated to have been killed in the conflict and a further 2,038 injured (WHO, 8 April). At the end of March, more than 400 UN and international humanitarian staff were evacuated and a no fly zone has been implemented over the country.

  • Humanitarian access to affected areas is severely restricted by the conflict, which is limiting the delivery of humanitarian assistance including medical and health supplies to deal with the number of casualties caused by the conflict.