Yemen - Shipping Update (7 March 2017)

Situation Report
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Al Hudaydah Port:

8 vessels operational at port quaysides (all commercial)
1 vessels at anchorage (all commercial)
12 vessels expected to call (all commercial)

Al Saleef Port:

2 vessels operational at port quaysides (all commercial)
5 vessels at anchorage (all commercial)
2 vessels expected to call at Al Saleef Port (all commercial)

Ras Issa (oil terminal in Red Sea):

1 vessel operational at port quaysides (all commercial)
0 vessel at anchorage
0 vessel expected to call at Ras Issa Port

Aden :

8 vessels operational at port quaysides (7 commercial + WFP charter vessel VOS Apollo)
6 vessels at anchorage (5 commercial + WFP charter vessel MV Daytona Beach)
2 vessels expected to call Aden Port (all commercial)

Situation at Al Hudaydah

  • There are currently currently 8 vessels at berth in Al Hudaydah port totaling 113,470 mt & 417 containers.
  • 1 vessel at anchorage awaiting berth totalling 7,277 mt.
  • 12 vessels are expected totaling 124,848 mt + 1253 containers.

    • WFP Charter vessel MV Daytona Beach with 6,000 mt of bulk wheat on board arrived at Aden anchorage on 7 March 2017 and she is expected to berth and start discharge by today (Tuesday 7 March).

    • PIL container vessel Kota Anggun has been diverted by the Coalition to Jezan Port (KSA) for further inspection with 665 containers on board including 129 humanitarian cargo containers (95X20' WFP oil shipment & 34X20' UNHCR blankets shipment). The container discharge & cargo inspection started today (Tuesday 7 March) in Jezan port in the presence of UNVIM, Coalition & Saudi local authority representatives.

    • Container feeder (AS Aries) completed in Al Hudaydah port today (Tuesday 7 March) discharging 417 containers of commercial cargo that belong to several Shipping container liners (CMA-CGM, EVERGREEN, COSCO & MAERSK).

    • Container feeder (Gdynia trader) was granted UNVIM clearance to call at Al Hudaydah port with 588 containers on board. The ETA at Hudaydah port is 8-9 March - conditional to Coalition clearances.