Yemen - Shipping Update (23 April 2017)

Situation Report
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Al Hudaydah Port:

4 vessels operational at port quaysides (3 commercial + WFP chartered ship ESKENDRUN M)

4 vessels at anchorage (commercial)

11 vessels expected to call (9 commercial + 2 WFP Charter ship: MV Amber L and MV Daytona Beach)

Al Saleef Port:

2 vessels operational at port quaysides (commercial)

2 vessels at anchorage (commercial) 2 vessel are expected to call at Al Saleef Port (commercial)

Ras Issa (oil terminal in Red Sea):

1 tanker vessel operational at port quayside

0 vessel at anchorage

2 tanker vessels expected to call at Ras Issa Port

Aden :

9 vessels operational at port quaysides (8 commercial + WFP’s AMBER L is currently discharging US in-kind wheat)

4 vessels at anchorage (3 commercial + WFP chartered vessel Daytona Beach with 4,920 mt of Bulk Wheat is expected to berth soon)

3 vessels expected to call at Aden Port (2 commercial + WFP’s chartered ship VOS APOLLO with Humanitarian Community Personnel on board)

Situation at Al Hudaydah

  • Currently 4 vessels are discharging at Al Hudaydah port quaysides, 2 tanker vessels and 2 general cargo ships, including WFP’s ESKENDRUN M. This total of the cargo is 88,597 mt (MoGas + wheat + corn)

  • Ships at anchorage in line for berth are carrying total 49,164 mt of fuel and wheat.

  • 11 vessels are expected totaling 174,283 MT of various commodities (cement, steel, wheat, soya, fuel, corn, and containers). Including:

  • MV Amber L with 12,920 mt of bulk wheat estimated arrival is 25/04/2017

  • MV Daytona Beach with 22,580 mt of bulk wheat the estimated arrival is TBC.