Yemen: Responding to Emergency (V2)

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With a combination of conflict, cholera, extreme food insecurity, and widespread poverty, in 2018 the situation in Yemen deteriorated to such an extent that it is now considered the worst humanitarian crisis anywhere in the world.

ACTED has been present in Yemen since 2012 and is implementing activities in all regions of the countryNorthern (Hudaydah, Al Jawf, and Sa’ada) Central (Raymah and Ibb) and Southern (Al Dhale’e and Tai’zz). In 2018 particularly, ACTED’s programs focused increasingly on emergency programming, whilst remaining committed to longer-term livelihood strategies.

ACTED Yemen in 2018

  • 350,000 people assisted

  • 18 projects

As a result of the ongoing conflict, at least 17,700 civilians have been killed and approximately 3.3 million people are currently displaced, up from 2.2 million a year ago. This number includes approx. 685,000 people who fled fighting in Hudaydah from June 2018 onwards.

ACTED's projects in Yemen

Responding Rapidly to Emergency Displacements

The ongoing conflict in Yemen is causing high levels of displacement.

Families flee from outbreaks of violence, without the time or the means to carry their belongings. The tattered economy and high rates of economic vulnerability mean that most Yemenis do not have the financial resources to provide for their own needs in the communities or displacement sites where they take refuge.

Cholera emergency response

Following a rapid increase in cholera cases in Yemen, ACTED is distributing cholera-prevention hygiene kits and hygiene promotion trainings in remote communities in Sa’ada governorate.

Rehabilitation of water and sanitation facilities

  • This 7-month project provided an emergency response in the governorate of Raymah, through the rehabilitation of water and sanitation facilities in Al Jabeen Health Centre. This health centre serves as the primary referral centre and only diarrhea treatment centre (DTC) in the governorate, which is of critical importance given the recent cholera upsurge and spread of acute-watery diarrhea across Yemen. This project is expected to benefit the district of Al Jabeen and the broader governorate, and will support the ongoing cholera response taking place in Yemen.

Information-Driven Food security, Early recovery, WASH and Shelter for Conflict Affected Populations in Yemen

To address the core issues in the food security, WASH, shelter, and livelihoods sectors in Yemen, ACTED implemented activities in an integrated, multi-sector approach covering WASH, shelter, and food security sectors:

  • Shelter, Logistics and Relief Commodities: Development of rapid response capacity to distribute NFI and emergency shelter kits to IDPs. These activities were jointly funded with ACTED’s project, “Integrated shelter assistance for vulnerable households in Yemen” in Ibb and Al Dhale’e to target a total of 10,000 households. However, ACTED encountered access issues in Hudaydah and Raymah, thus decided to redirect kits to meet needs in Sa’ada and Ibb. A total of 13,869 NFI kits and 986 ESKs were distributed in the target areas.

  • ERMS: Support to 880 households through Cash for work (CfW) and to 110 households through Cash for Literacy (CfL) activities to support household level access to markets and rehabilitation of communal assets.

  • WASH: Support to water supply and sanitation practices has been provided via water point rehabilitation and hygiene promotion at the community and household level. 15 water points and 16 health facilities have benefitted from rehabilitation in the course of this project; 759 individuals have benefited from hygiene promotion at the community and household level. However, 5,500 hygiene kits planned to be distributed have been shifted under the following OFDA award as procurement issues didn’t permit to distribute them on time for this project.

  • Agriculture and Food Security: Distributions of agricultural inputs to support livelihoods towards, food production and access to markets. Seeds have been distributed to 2,400 farmers, coffee production inputs have been given to 1,600 coffee producers and 700 households have been supported through the distribution of livestock and fodder.

Emergency Food Assistance

High levels of pre-existing food needs have been severely exacerbated by the escalation of the conflict since March 2015.

In response, in consortium with Mercy Corps and CARE, ACTED sought to reduce food insecurity and promote recovery of at least 3,000 vulnerable, displaced and conflict-affected households in Al Dhale’e governorate.

ACTED completed the following activities:

  • Formation of community committees
  • Identification, selection and verification of 3,700 vulnerable households
  • Identification and training of vendors
  • Selection and training of Nutrition and WASH volunteers
  • Conduction of Nutrition and Hygiene Promotion trainings for beneficiary households
  • Rehabilitation of 10 community assets (Food for Assets)
  • Distribution of six rounds of food vouchers to 3,700 vulnerable households

Integrated Shelter Assistance for Vulnerable Households in Yemen

In response to the severe shelter needs across Yemen, this project was designed as a three-part intervention in order to respond to the immediate needs of households to feel safe before they could properly address their food security, WASH, and nutrition needs:

ACTED implemented the following activities:

  • Distribution of food vouchers and food baskets to 234 households
  • Creation of 8 hygiene awareness committees in collective centres in Ibb governorate and provision of hygiene materials
  • Provision of hygiene kits to 349 IDP households in collective shelters in Ibb governorate
  • Rehabilitation of 4 community water points in Sa’ada governorate and creation of WASH committees
  • Hygiene promotion training and distribution of 2,999 hygiene kits to IDP and host community households in Sa’ada governorate
  • Hygiene promotion sessions and distribution of hygiene kits in 6 health facilities in Sa’ada governorate
  • Distribution of winterization kits to 3,426 households in Sa’ada and Ibb governorates
  • Relocation of 158 households in alternative shelters in Ibb governorate
  • Distribution of NFI kits to 217 households in Ibb governorate
  • Distribution of dignity kits to 1,470 vulnerable households
  • Distribution of 5,000 NFI kits and 2,657 ESK in Al Hudaydah and Al Jawf governorates

Comprehensive Emergency and Unconditional Cash Assistance for Vulnerable Conflict Affected Households

High levels of pre-existing food and WASH needs have been severely exacerbated by the protracted conflict in Yemen since March 2015.

ACTED conducted the following activities:

  • Distribution of unconditional cash transfers to 2,200 beneficiary households in the three target districts as well as provision of financial trainings
  • Installation of 104 communal water tanks of different sizes in the targeted communities
  • Provision of trucked water to targeted communities in the three districts
  • Provision of trucked water to 18 health facilities
  • Distribution of hygiene kits and provision of hygiene promotion for 2,200 beneficiary households
  • Systematic water testing of water supplied to communities and health facilities