Yemen: Reduced Imports Worsen Crisis (as of 5 June 2015)

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The humanitarian situation in Yemen is deteriorating rapidly, with the number of people in need of some kind of humanitarian assistance rising to more than 20 million. The current conflict is preventing critical imports of fuel, medical supplies, Non-Food Items and food supplies from reaching those in need. Addressing this crisis requires the full resumption of commercial imports and improved access to allow for a significant scale up of humanitarian operations.

Acute fuel shortage is preventing the milling of available grains as well as the transport of goods arriving in the ports, the delivery and monitoring of humanitarian assistance, the functioning of water and sanitation systems, the functioning of health centres including the production of oxygen for hospitals, and the functioning of ports themselves.

Yemen is heavily dependent on imported fuel. The serious shortfall in commercial imports between March and May has made fuel extremely scarce in the market.

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