Yemen Protection Cluster: Daily Situation Update, No. 4 (04 April 2015)

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Haradh, Hajjah Governorate

Islamic Relief

  • On-going clashes on the Saudi-Yemeni border led to a stray shell falling near the generator room in Mazraq Camp 3. No injuries or deaths were reported.

  • As the camps have been subjected to unexpected targeting, IDPs families have started using the strategy of moving out temporarily and subsequently returning to the camps.
    As of yesterday, the total number of families in camp 3 was 113 HHs out of 576, while in camp 1 the number of families was 213 HHs out of 1,097.

  • The number of HHs in camp 3 today was only 6 families in blocks 3 and 4 and they are expected to move if the situation remains tense. This means that 107 families departed camp 3 within one day. No information was available on the number of families in camp 1 today.

  • IDPs who did not receive there ration food in the camps will receive their rations in Haradh. Coordination between WFP & the Executive Unit is taking place in this regard.

  • An email was sent yesterday to the supplier of water explaining the lack of water in camp 1. The supplier replied that it was impossible to provide camp 1 with water at the present time due to insecurity. He explained that the lack of water in camp 1 is because the water pipe has been cut. He suggested that families should move to camp 3 in order to provide them water. However it is difficult for the IDPs to move to camp 3 given the current situation. The lack of water has increased the suffering of the IDPs in camp 1.

  • Some men from Bakil Almir tried today to break into the Women’s Center in camp 3 in order to loot materials. Fortunately, IRY guards were able to stop them as the men were not armed.

  • ADRA relocated all its materials from the hospital in camp 3 to Haradh.

  • Since the ‘Decisive Storm’ military operation started, continuous displacement began from Malahid, Aldaher and other border areas towards Hayran, Haradh, Mostaba, Abbs,
    Al-Khamiss, and Midi. The IDPs in these locations will receive their food rations from Haradh. However, the displacement is fluid and continuous.

  • There is an absence of security staff in both camps and it is also the same in the surrounding areas.

  • This state of insecurity has encouraged looting and plundering outside the camps, particularly, in the damaged local market and the phenomenon has also extended to the camps.
    IRY project activities have been stopped since the clashes started. The team is now monitoring the situation.