Yemen Protection Cluster: Daily Situation Update, No. 2 (02 April 2015)

Situation Report
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Hajjah- Haradh

Islamic Relief

  • No air strikes today. The situation is calm.

  • No security for the camps (a letter has been sent to the Executive Unit by IRY)

  • there is a threat from some IDPs to break into Islamic Relief Yemen store to take the tents as the letter directed to the executive by IRY (it will be forwarded to you )

  • Distribution of food in the war houses of WFP started today through community leaders to avoid blundering food due to lack of security in the camps

  • Absence of the Executive unit role to provide security for the camps make the tents in IRY store in danger as well as the NFIs stored in the women center. The NFIs were already subject to blundering by IDPs due to the absence of security which is the responsibility of the government

  • there is still displacement from the camps due to yesterday air strikes