Yemen Protection Cluster: Daily Situation Update, No. 16 (15 - 18 April 2015)

Situation Report
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Key Protection Points in Summary

  • The electricity and fuel crisis in Yemen remains a challenge and impedes the ability of humanitarian organizations to monitor and report on the humanitarian situation (gaps and needs) in the affected areas. Following recent attacks on power stations in Mareb and Sa’ada, the majority of governorates have been without any power for the last two days

  • Intensive airstrikes hit the military camps in Amant Al-Asimah for a second day resulting in huge explosions, which caused fear and horror amongst civilians, in particular children and women.
    Moreover, some houses and shops in nearby areas were partially damaged and windows shattered.

  • During the period 12-15 April airstrikes and armed confrontations continued, resulting in an increase in the number of civilian casualties. At least 41 civilians were killed and 104 injured across Aden, AlDhalee,
    Amran, Sa’ada and Sana’a. This brings the total number of civilians killed since the start of the coalition led war on Yemen to 405 including 26 women and 86 children and the total number of civilians injured to 785, including 34 women and 62 children.