Yemen Protection Cluster: Daily Protection Cluster Update (01 April 2015)

Situation Report
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Hajjah – Hardah district

Yemen Red Crescent

Twenty five dead bodies resulted from the airstrike in Mazraq camps were evacuated by the YRCS Hajjah to Haradh Hospital.

Islamic Relief (UNHCR’s IP for Camp Management and Camp Coordination)

• 70% of the IDPs Families are back to both Camp1 &3 from the areas they moved to.

• 30% have not returned yet.

• As the attack covered Haradh Yesterday Night, some families started fleeting from Haradh to other places • No assessments have been conducted due to security reasons at the present time. IRY sent some of its Staff home and kept vocal points of its staff in the field.

• There was an attempt by the host community to break in to WFP warehouses and took some food from the warehouses in the camps, but they were prevented by the IDPs and the guards, till now no confirmation how much food was taken. The only thing that was done is to prevent them while blundering.

• Another attempt was to break into women center where NFIs for return package are kept, by Unknown people, but they were also prevented by the IRY field staff. They took some NFIs, but No confirmation till now how many NJFIs were taken. The only thing that was done is to prevent them while blundering.

• The whole team of IRY will be back to the field on Sunday 5th of April, depending the security situation, otherwise, IRY will keep only the field vocal points if the situation went worse.

At around 4:00pm today, another missile targeted an area near the medical center run by ADRA in Camp 3. The second missile hit an area near Almazarq .till now no confirmation on the number of injuries, damage, or death cases has been attained.

Al-Amal Association (UNHCR’s IP for NFIs)

Reason of the events which are taking place on Saudi Arabia and Yemen borders at Hajjah governorate Haradh district.

After the war airplane strike which happened at Mazraq camp 1on date 30-3-2015, the stability is returned to mazraq region at Camp 1, where about the households had returned at the camp 1 .Here are some reasons people had returned back to the camp :

1- Ration food distribution by the WFP for the April month.

2- Some service supports are existed such as water, health service and shelter.

Regarding security situation of the Haradh region, yesterday and today there are huge displacements of the residents and IDPs who came from before two days from the strike regions and districts of the airplane strike , those IDPs have come from districts such Aldaher ,Razeh ,malaaheet ,Shida and Mazraq, the strike had took place yesterday evening on the bridge of Alkhaima on the main streat ,which has caused fear and terrorize among the local residents and IDPs who are existed in Jamarik region and Alkhaimah in addition other regions .That had caused huge displacement to the Hajja and Hodeidah governorate districts, people are escaping to the more security places.

The situation now is required quick involvement and responds for the whole sectors, shelter, health, and food. Day after day the displacement is increasing due to of the war airplane strikes on several regions.