Yemen: Monthly Situation Report No. 04 (April 2020)

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Ateer hundreds of hours of rehabilitation works, 37 health facilities have become fully functional to serve an estimated number of 260,876 individuals in Marib, Dhamar and Al-Bayda Governorates.

RDP supports three health facilities with essential health care services, including drugs, furniture and medical equipment in Al Abdiyah district of Marib Governorate.

Through RDP_supported health facilities, a total of 190 children U5 and 303 pregnant and lactating women are provided with TSFP services in two districts of Taizz Governorate.

During the existing pandemic of COVID-19, RDP ensures the safety of children U2 and PLW by launching a double distribution of BSFP services.

Despite the tougher restrictions of COVID-19, RDP reaches 7,666 households, 36 of which are IDPs to provide them with relief food assistance in Wald Rabi, Al Malagim, and As Sawadiya districts of Al-Bayda Governorate.

Other ways to make the unconditional cash transfer assistance happen during the existing pandemic of COVID-19.