Yemen - Loss of crops and damage to farming land by floods

A joint assessment by various UN organizations, IOM, ECHO and non-governmental organizations to Hadramut, a southern province of Yemen, has found that food could be an issue for flood victims for some time to come.

Scores of people have been killed in the province and several tens of thousands of people displaced by floods caused by a tropical storm last week.

With farming the main source of income in Hadramut and much of the land and crops damaged by floodwaters, the challenge is in ensuring those affected by the floods, estimated at several hundreds of thousands, have food for the mid-term. The storm hit the province just as crops were about to be harvested.

The assessment found that only a few villages in the area being assessed were receiving proper assistance as yet, that 50 per cent of roads had been damaged, that the displaced were largely gathered in schools or collective centres and in some areas, there was no access to water and electricity.

However, it is not yet clear the extent of the damage caused by the floods or on the total number of displaced as some areas are still not accessible.

The World Food Programme is providing food for about 20,000 people while other agencies will be dispatching non-food item relief assistance.

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