Yemen Humanitarian Update Issue 10, 4 Sep 2010

Situation Report
Originally published


This report covers the period between 14 July and 31 August. The next report will be issued on or around 1 October.

Key Points

There have been peace talks in Doha, Qatar, between government representatives and the Al-Houthi on the 26th August, which ended in an agreement of a timetable for implementing 22 truce points to end the fighting.

Yemeni riyal seems to have recovered from its fall against the US dollar.

Severe rains have caused a major disturbance in Hodeida governorate with two districts severely affected. It is estimated that over 700 families have lost their homes.

The Yemen Humanitarian Response Plan 2010 is currently funded to 42% - Preparation for the YHRP 2011 is currently ongoing with a deadline for finalisation on 09 November 2010.

Yemen Emergency Response Fund is established in Yemen. Out of the $US 5 million requested, approximately $US2.5 million have been secured and applications can be received.

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