Yemen Humanitarian Update Covering 9 - 15 August 2018 | Issue 24

Situation Report
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• Fighting is going on in Ad Durayhimi District, south of Al Hudaydah City, with a high number of casualties.
Families are trapped by shelling and airstrikes; ambulances are unable to enter the city.

• Over 50,800 households have been displaced from Al Hudaydah Governorate, of whom 50,100 (98 per cent) have received rapid response assistance including hygiene kits, transit kits and food rations.

• An airstrike on 9 August killed 46 people and injured 75 others when it hit a bus carrying children in a market in Sa’ada Governorate. Most of the dead were children aged 10 to 13 years.

• Over 380,000 people were vaccinated against cholera in three high-risk districts: two in Al Hudaydah and one in Ibb governorates.

• On 12 August, the Yemen Humanitarian Fund launched its First Standard Allocation of US$90 million to support Cluster strategies in the re-prioritized Humanitarian Response Plan.


Fighting escalated in Ad Durayhimi District, south of Al Hudaydah City with a significant impact on civilians, including a high casualty rate. Ambulance services are unable to reach the impacted population due to heavy shelling and airstrikes. Scores of families are reportedly trapped by the fighting inside Ad Durayhimi Town, but some have managed to flee to Al Hudaydah City and neighbouring districts.
Partners are trying to evacuate the wounded from Ad Durayhimi Town. Ongoing conflict in Al Hudaydah Governorate has displaced over 50,800 households, of whom 50,100 (98 per cent) have received assistance including hygiene kits, transit kits and food rations. In Al Hudaydah hub, over 11,000 households have received multi-purpose cash grants. Rapid response assistance has been delivered to 3,100 displaced households in areas covered by Aden hub, 2,300 households in areas under Ibb hub and more than 13,000 households in Sana’a hub including 285 households living in nine schools within Sana’a City.
Al Hudaydah and Al Saleef sea ports are open and operational. On 17 August, six vessels were at berth and four in the anchorage area in Al Hudaydah.

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