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Yemen Humanitarian Update Covering 15 - 21 May 2018 | Issue 16 [EN/AR]

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• Despite ongoing conflict, humanitarian access to parts of Al-Wazi’iyah and Mawza districts in Taizz Governorate has improved, including from Aden and Al-Turbah City.

• Hundreds of families have fled military operations in Altuhayat District, Al Hudaydah Governorate, with an estimated 705 arriving in Zabid and Al-Garrahi districts.

• Heavy rains affected several governorates in the southern coastal areas as Cyclone Sagar passed the Gulf of Aden, but minimal damage was reported.

• Data collected by WHO from functioning health facilities indicate that from March 2015 to April 2018, 9,559 people have been killed and 55,616 injured in Yemen’s conflict.


Humanitarian partners are navigating shifting frontlines in Taizz Governorate to reach people in need. Since mid-April, increased hostilities on the west coast districts of Taizz, including Dhubab, Mawza and AlWazi’iyah districts, have limited humanitarian partners’ access, both from Ibb and Aden governorates. The fighting also displaced more than 1,260 families into Abyan, Lahj and Aden governorates.

In recent days, humanitarian access to parts of AlWaziyah and Mawza districts has improved, including from Aden and Al-Turbah City. Humanitarian partners in Ibb and Aden Hubs are coordinating rapid assessments in accessible areas. Partners continue to identify safe routes into former conflict areas, as some locations are heavily contaminated with landmines and explosive remnants of war. Last week, the Local Council in Mawza requested assistance for 300 internally displaced families. Additional requests are expected in the coming days, as partners continue their needs assessments on the ground.


Al Hudaydah Hub: Local authorities in Al Hudaydah have reported that hundreds of families have fled ongoing military operations in Altuhayat District. An estimated 705 displaced families have arrived in Zabid and Al-Garrahi districts during the past couple of days; 250 families have been displaced within Altuhayat District.

In Hajjah Governorate, hundreds of families have fled hostilities along the coastal areas of Midi District to neighboring Abs and Hayran districts. Partners are identifying the displaced populations and assessing needs. Initial information indicates that most of the displaced families are already IDPs who have been displaced for the second time. Further displacement is anticipated in the coming days as the Midi frontline continues to move along the coastal areas towards Hayran District.

Aden Hub: Since December 2017, the total number of families displaced to areas accessible by the Aden Hub has reached 15,678 households as of 13 May. Most new IDPs have come from Taizz, Al Hudaydah and Al Bayda governorates. During the reporting period, humanitarian partners continued to respond to the needs of the affected people. WFP and UNICEF availed 1,000 rapid response kits for pre-positioning in Al Mokha and Al Khawkhah.

Sana’a Hub: The Protection Cluster produced its latest Civilian Impact Monitoring (CIMP) weekly report for Amanat Al Asimah (Sana’a City), Sana’a and Marib governorates, covering the period between 10-16 May. According to the report, there were five reported incidents, a 55 per cent drop from the previous week. The five incidents were caused by airstrikes. These resulted in four civilian casualties, which was a significant drop-off from the 112 casualties in the previous week. Airstrikes on a glass factory in Nihm were assessed to have a direct protection implication for as many as 100 households, which may have lost their livelihoods. Airstrikes also hit a gas station in the Al-Qoladh area of Bani Matar, potentially causing as many as 2,000 households in the area to experience restricted access to gas supply.

Ibb Hub: During the reporting period, heavy rains in Ma’afer District, Taizz Governorate, damaged about 580 tents at an IDP hosting site, according to the Shelter/ NFI/CCCM Cluster. In Mawza District, local authorities have appealed to the humanitarian community to assist about 300 displaced families. Humanitarian clusters and partners are following up on the request.

Sa’ada Hub: On 16 May, UNFPA reported delivering seven reproductive health kits to Al Jawf Governorate. Each kit can treat between 10,000-30,000 patients for three months. On 14 May, the new building of Haydan Hospital in Haydan District was inaugurated with support from a medical organisation.

The hospital had been damaged by conflict in October 2015. The organisation returned to the hospital and started working in the staff residence and two tents in the hospital yard in 2017, providing health services to 7,000 people, of whom 44 per cent were children under 5 years and 41 per cent were women.

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