Yemen: Humanitarian Snapshot - A temporal overview of the conflict and its impact (as of 25 October 2016) [EN/AR]

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As the conflict in Yemen continues unabated, the trends show a devastating toll on civilians. Since March 2015, the number of people moving within the country in search of safety and livelihood has steadily increased to a staggering 3.2 million. At a time of widespread and worsening food insecurity, food imports remain in short supply, significantly driving up the price of commodities. Health facility based numbers on people killed and injured are now higher than at any other time in 2016. These numbers are believed to be much higher, however, since many injured do not seek help in a health facility and since many that die never make it to a facility. Also, since over half of health facilities, in 16 out of 22 governorates, are partially or totally not working, reporting capacity is functioning at sub optimal levels. The trends also reveal that those engaged in the conflict are not meeting their basic responsibilities, under international law, to respect, protect, and meet basic needs of the civilian population. Through a consistent presence, humanitarian partners have been able to steadily increase their reach to people in need across Yemen. However, the response does not match the requirements, as less than half of the funding needed has been received.

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