Yemen: Humanitarian Snapshot (12 April 2016) [EN/AR]

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Prior to the conflict, the health system in Yemen was significantly strained, with only three doctors per 10,000 people. Some 14.1 million people now need help to access adequate healthcare as a result of the intensified year of conflict. Lack of supplies, medicines, electricity, fuel for generators, and staff or equipment have caused health services to decline across the country. This is disproportionately affecting under-5 children, pregnant women, and people suffering from chronic diseases – including cancer, hypertension, diabetes. The three main causes of additional deaths among children under-5 are neonatal, diarrhoeal disease, and pneumonia. Health facilities report attending to more than 30,586 injured and 6,427 killed since the escalation of violence in March 2015. Demands and strains on the health sector and on host families are increasing along with the number of people that have fled their homes in search of safety and security.

UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
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