Yemen: Humanitarian Pause, Situation Report No. 5 [EN/AR]



  • The five-day humanitarian pause in Yemen ended on 17 May at 23.00. Airstrikes were reported in Aden shortly after the pause ended; unconfirmed reports also indicate several strikes in Hajjah and Sa’ada. Armed conflict was reported in Aden and Al Dhale’e.

  • Overall, the pause made a substantial difference in facilitating the delivery of critical humanitarian assistance. It also allowed civilians in many areas to move out of insecure areas and seek aid. A renewed humanitarian pause would allow partners to deliver more life-saving aid and resolve remaining logistical challenges.

  • During the pause, partners dispatched enough food aid to cover one month of food needs for 416,543 people; delivered fuel to ensure safe water access for 1.2 million people for one month; and transported or distributed enough essential non-food items for 43,302 people. Additional achievements are summarized in this report. Final figures may shift somewhat as additional reports are received.

  • Violations of the pause continued throughout. Armed clashes and shelling were reported in several locations – mainly Aden, Taizz, Marib, Lahj, Abyan and Al Dhale’e. Ongoing insecurity, fuel shortages and other logistical challenges undermined full implementation of the humanitarian plan during the pause. Poor telecommunications links have also hindered full reporting.

1,820 Deaths recorded in health facilities due to conflict since 19 March

7,330 Injuries recorded in health facilities due to conflict since 19 March

545,719 People displaced within Yemen between 26 March and 7 May

416,543 Total people to be covered by food aid dispatched during the pause

1.2 m Total people with safe water access due to fuel deliveries during the pause

43,302 Total people to be covered by NFIs dispatched during the pause


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