Yemen humanitarian fund in brief 2020 [EN/AR]


Who we are

The Yemen Humanitarian Fund (YHF) is a Country-Based Pooled Fund (CBPF) that makes funding directly available to humanitarian partners operating in Yemen so they can deliver timely and effective life-saving assistance to those who need it most.

How we work

Donor contributions are unearmarked and are allocated to eligible partners through an inclusive and transparent process in support of priorities set out in the Yemen Humanitarian Response Plan (YHRP).
There are two types of YHF allocations: standard allocations and reserve allocations. The Fund holds a standard allocation once or twice a year through a call for proposals for collectively identified strategic needs in the YHRP. Reserve allocations are launched in response to sudden onset humanitarian needs and specific crises.
Cluster coordinators drive the prioritization exercise, while the Humanitarian Coordinator, in consultation with an Advisory Board, determines the amount available for each allocation. This approach ensures that funding is prioritized at the local level by those closest to people in need, which empowers the leadership of the humanitarian operation and fosters collaboration and collective ownership of the emergency response.
To ensure fairness, project proposals are assessed by an inclusive strategic and technical review committee based on a pre-defined scorecard. Funding levels and assurance mechanisms applicable to each successful project are guided by the partner’s risk level, which is determined by a capacity assessment and past performance.
The OCHA Humanitarian Financing Unit (HFU) manages day to day operations of the YHF.

What our priorities are

In 2021, the YHF will focus on the following priorities:

• Helping respond to acute vulnerabilities through covering gaps in first and second line cluster response as identified in the YHRP. This includes emergency, life-saving assistance and protection to people most at risk.

• Covering critical gaps with a focus on hard-to-reach areas.

• Leaving no-one behind by focusing on a range of needs and vulnerabilities specific to different population groups. In support of this, the YHF will ensure funding goes to all marginalized people in most acute needs, including minority groups, people most at risk, people excluded from services and with a view to promote gender equality. 2020 achievements In 2020, 24 donors contributed almost $98 million to the YHF, making it the second largest CBPF in the world.

The Fund allocated $98.6 million to 62 humanitarian projects implemented by 35 partners through one standard allocation and two reserve allocations. This includes $67.4 million to Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) and Red Crescent societies (68 per cent of the total amount) including 19 per cent ($12.6 million) to national NGOs. The YHF provided the humanitarian community with the capacity to respond to emerging needs as they arose. In 2020, this was demonstrated through a reserve allocation which provided short-term funding for the response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


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