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Yemen Humanitarian Bulletin Issue 12 | As of 31 May 2016 [EN/AR]



  • Protection of civilians remains a concern

  • Erosion of the health system and deteriorating food insecurity

  • 3.6 m people reached by direct assistance by end of April

  • Refugees continue to arrive in Yemen

Total population 26 m

# of people targeted by assistance 13.6 m

# of people targeted by health care assistance 10.6 m

# of people targeted by food assistance 8.9 m

# of people displaced 2.8 m

# of deaths (WHO) 6,494

# of injuries (WHO) 31,401


$1.8 billion requested

$349 million funding against HRP

19% funded

Peace Talks Continue

As of May 2016, the Cessation of Hostilities that started on 10 April, continues to hold in large parts of Yemen. According to the UN Special Envoy on Yemen, Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed, the Cessation held in around 80-90% of the country. However, violence continues as armed clashes flared in Al Baydah, Al Hudaydah Al Jawf, Hajjah, Marib, Taizz Governorates and Nihm District in Sana’a Governorate. Violations to the Cessation were reported in Al Jawf, Marib and Taiz, including air strikes, the launch of ballistic missiles, the movement of ground troops and the use of heavy weapons. These incidents continued to cause death, destruction and suffering. Continued fighting also poses an ongoing threat to the peace process in Kuwait, which was disrupted multiple times due to clashes. On 21 May, the UN Secretary General stated that:

“The talks in Kuwait are critical for peace. I strongly urge the leaders of all parties to show the flexibility and wisdom needed to reach an agreement that will allow Yemenis to heal the wounds of this war and look ahead to a better future. As those efforts continue, the Saudi-led Coalition and all combatants must do more to avoid civilian casualties”


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