Yemen: Humanitarian Access Snapshot (June - July 2019)



Humanitarian partners reported 299 access incidents in June and July across 109 districts in 19 governorates. The marked decrease from April and May, when 375 incidents were reported, is largely due to fewer humanitarian operations around the Eid al-Fitr holiday.

Widespread interference in humanitarian operations and restrictions on movement continues across the country. Organizations reported more than 139 incidents of interference, ranging from interference in local beneficiary registration to blocking national humanitarian staff attending training abroad. In addition, 119 incidents of restriction of movement were reported, almost half of the incidents were reported in Al Hudaydah, Hajjah and Sana'a governorates.

Additional documentation requirements continue to be imposed on humanitarian movements along the Red Sea Coast. Since December 2018 humanitarian organizations have been required to provide acknowledged deconfliction documentation at the Dhubab checkpoint in Taizz Governorate, despite the voluntary nature of the deconfliction system.
This additional access requirement has led to delays to live saving humanitarian services along the Red Sea Coast.

Humanitarian operations have been severely constrained by renewed clashes in Aden.
Ninety-six humanitarian staff have rotated out from Aden between 15 and 31 August on vessels due to the temporary closure of the airport. Nevertheless, the majority of humanitarian staff have remained in Aden to provide life-saving emergency services.

Lengthy delays by the authorities in approving projects continue to obstruct the scale-up of the humanitarian response. As of 31 August, humanitarian partners reported that 66 NGO projects have not been implemented, in part or in full, because the authorities’ have yet to approve sub-agreements. The average delay is more than 100 days from the date the sub-agreements are submitted to the authorities. Pending projects target an estimated 4.5 million people and are worth a total of US$108 million. They include 38 out of 64 NGO projects funded by the 2019 Yemen Humanitarian Fund. Thirteen projects are pending, in part or in full, with the internationally recognized government, and 53 are pending with the de facto authorities, some are pending with both authorities.


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