Yemen: Humanitarian Access Snapshot (15-31 October 2017)

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The Humanitarian Access Working Group (HAWG) launched a twoweek data collection initiative between 15-31 October, during which the humanitarian community in Yemen committed to report all access constraints, with the aim to identify constraints and their implications to better inform advocacy and negotiation strategies. In total, 15 organisations, submitted details of 123 incidents that took place within the reporting period.

Non-incident-based access impediments

  • Visas: Four visas were denied during the reporting period, and 38 visa applications remained pending by the end of October. The average processing time for visas for INGO respondents was four weeks. One UN agency indicated that it sometimes takes as long as six months.

  • Sub-agreements (INGOs): The time required for sub-agreements to be signed varies from one to three months due to significant bureaucratic requirements.

  • Custom clearances: Nine respondents indicated difficulty in obtaining custom clearances. The lack of clarity on procedures was cited as a main challenge, with multiple clearances needed from different authorities, as well as different requirements needed at national and local levels.

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