Yemen - High levels of food insecurity and reduced rations (DG ECHO, IPC, WFP, media) (ECHO Daily Flash of 04 July 2022)

  • The food security situation in Yemen continues to deteriorate. There is an increase of 18% in the number of people acutely food insecure since 2021, reaching a total of 19 million people. Of these, 7.3 million are facing emergency levels of hunger. Up to 161,000 people are expected to face famine-like conditions during the second half of 2022.

  • The Internationally Recognised Government warned last week that Yemen’s wheat stock is set to run out by mid-July. Yemen is 90% dependent on imports for its domestic food needs, while 46% of its wheat imports used to come from Russia and Ukraine.

  • Amidst the deteriorating situation, World Food Programme (WFP) continues to face a critical funding gap. WFP warned that further reductions of food rations are unavoidable, after rations were cut in December 2021. 5 million WFP beneficiaries in IPC phase 4 and 5 will now receive less than 50% of their daily caloric requirement, while the remaining 8 million will just receive 25%. These reductions will further aggravate the food insecurity of the Yemeni population.