Yemen: Floods OCHA Situation Report No. 3


This report is based on information provided by the Yemenis Civil Defense Authority, the Office of the UN Resident Coordinator in Yemen, and the OCHA/UNDAC team in Yemen, as well as various news reports.


- The Government of Yemen reported: 3,264 houses destroyed or badly damaged.

- The Government has not requested external international assistance, but is welcoming international and regional assistance.


1. According to the joint UN/IOM/ECHO assessment mission visited Hadramout governorate, the main dry river valley area - Wadi Hadramout - was badly affected (70% of the damaged area). The Government of Yemen reported that the Sayun district sustained most of the damage (75%). The joint UN/IOM/ECHO team observed extensive damage in the vicinity of Sah, Suna, Qatn and Tarim. Little information is available on the situation in Al-Mahra governorate.

2. The Government of Yemen reported that 3,264 houses have been destroyed or badly damaged. The number of persons in need of adequate shelter is estimated at 20,000-25,000.

3. It is reported that as of 31 October, 75% of electricity has been restored and 98% of major roads have been opened The agriculture sector was heavily affected: 70% of farmers have been affected since in many areas, a thin layer of soil has been washed away from the rocky base, leaving many fields unsuitable for cultivation. Damage to crops, palm groves, livestock and beehives varies among the districts, but is more severe in Sah, Suna and Tarim districts in Wadi Hadramout.

4. The health system is functioning, although shortage of staff (who are looking after their families and homes) and problems with water and electricity supply have been reported. Three (3) hospitals in Mukala, eight (8) district level hospitals, 20 health centers and 168 health units are functioning at full or reduced capacity. In addition, the United Arab Emirates military deployed a military mobile hospital near Sayun.

International Response

5. The Government of Yemen has not yet requested external international assistance, but is welcoming international and regional assistance.

6. The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) allocated CHF 219,800 from the International Federation's Disaster Relief Emergency Fund to support the Yemen Red Crescent Society in delivering humanitarian assistance to some 1,750 beneficiaries.

7. The Government of Germany reported that its Embassy earmarked up to EURO 100,000 for immediate relief measures.

8. The Government of Italy has arranged an emergency contribution of EURO 150,000 for the IFRC.

9. The Government of Japan decided to provide emergency relief goods (tents, blankets, plastic sheets, sleeping mats, water purifies etc) amounting to some JPY 18 million to the Government of Yemen.

Coordination and Rapid Assessment

10. A three (3) member United Nations Disaster Assessment and Coordination (UNDAC) team arrived in Yemen and started assisting the UN Resident Coordinator in coordinating response activities.


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