Yemen: Floods OCHA Situation Report No. 1


This report is based on information provided by the Yemenis Civil Decency Authority and the Office of the UN Resident Coordinator in Yemen, as well as various news reports.


- Storm and torrential rains caused severe flooding in the eastern part of Yemen affecting thousands of people.

- The Government declared the two governorates disaster areas.

- Heavy rains also affected six other districts in the south.


1. On 24-25 October, storm and torrential rains caused severe flooding in the eastern part of Yemen, affecting most districts of the Hadramout* and Al-Mahara governorates.

2. The latest figures as of 26 October, on the casualties and damage in these governorates provided by the Government of Yemen are as follows:

- 69 people killed or missing

- 1,700 houses destroyed or damaged

- 84 public buildings destroyed or damaged

- Infrastructure is seriously damaged including power lines, roads, water supplies, phone lines, etc.

3. In Hadramout, around 560 houses were totally damaged in the districts of Tarim, Sah, Shibam, Qatun, and Wadi Al-Ayen. Forty eight people have been reported missing. People left the vulnerable houses and were accommodated in schools and public buildings. Around 60 % of electricity supplies have been cut off.

4. In Mukalla city, around 80 families were rescued by the local rescue teams. Many roads which linked the city with the airport and with the governorate of Aden and other governorates have been damaged.

5. In Al-Mahra governorate, at least 10 persons were killed. Around 487 houses were damaged (out of them, 156 houses were totally damaged). About 280 farms were also damaged, out of which 128 were totally washed off. Roads between Qashen and Sayhot are partially damaged. 447 fishermen lost their equipments and 31 small fishing boats were lost in the sea.

6. Communications

It is expected that with the exception of Yemen Mobile, most mobile service operators are out of service.

7. Road Accessibility

- The road between Mukalla and the airport is closed.

- The road between Mayfaa and Mukalla is obstructed in several places including Mayfaa Hajar and Burum. Bridges have been washed away at Fuwah and Halla.

- Access to Seiyun and Shibam from Mukalla (where many houses have been destroyed) is very difficult at this stage.

8. On 26 October, the media reported that heavy rains have also swept through six (6) other governorates of Marib, al-Jawf, Shabwa, Lahj, Taiz, and Sadaa causing significant damage the infrastructure and destroying crops, cattle and houses. One man died in Hodeidah and another in al-Jawf after they were trapped by flash floods. Flood waters isolated many villages and districts in Hodeidah. In the eastern governorate of Shabwa, 3 schools were destroyed and five secondary highways were damaged, while the main bridge linking Shabwa with Hadramout was washed out.


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