Yemen flash report on recent escalation of conflict, 1 April 2015

Situation Report
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Summary of the Situation in Yemen

As the conflict in the country escalates further, the situation of children affected by grave child rights violations has considerably deteriorated with many children either maimed or killed.

The recent bombing and increased street fighting in Yemen have resulted in more children dying in the past few days than in the whole of 2014. At least 62 children have been killed and 30 maimed as a result of the escalation in conflict since 26 March 15. Preliminary estimates from the field indicate that over 1 million children are unable to go to school as their schools are either closed or are in areas close to military targets. These are all preliminary figures and UNICEF is in the process of verifying numbers on a daily basis.

There are reports of breakdown in water supply, disruption of health and education services and of looting and lawlessness. Six schools and two health facilities are reportedly being occupied by armed groups and thousands of families are reportedly being displaced from their homes in search of safer places to stay. Towns are reported emptied of their inhabitants. Roads linking Sana’a with other areas are congested as large numbers of families move to safer areas. There are diesel shortages reported in many governorates as well as power shortages, which are affecting water supplies and risking disruption to the cold chain.

There are increasing reports of civilian areas being hit in several areas across the country, including factories and residential areas. In the north, hundreds of people have been affected by the ongoing airstrikes with various homes being destroyed. There are also reports that anti-aircraft are being installed in civilian areas and on residences.