Yemen: Flash Floods Update Cluster Sitrep 1: 7 August 2016

Situation Report
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Situation Overview

Heavy rains have swept across several governorates since late July till date which have led to severe flooding and landslides. Houses have been destroyed and families displaced.


  • In Abs district, Al Amal identified at least 2,140 households in need of NFIs and/or shelter assistance: 946 HHs are in need of both NFIs and Emergency Shelters (ES) and 1,194 HHs are in need of NFIs only who are either hosted by relatives/friends or living in temporary shelters.

  • Joint UN mission comprised of UNHCR, OCHA, WFP and UNICEF visited three villages in Abs district to access damages and meet humanitarian actors in the area.


  • On August 6, the Executive Unit (ExU) reported that the floods has affected Al Qanawis district.

  • The floods mainly hit three districts of Amran, Jabal Iyal Yazid and Iyal Surayh. Several houses were reportedly destroyed and tens of families have been displaced.

  • 55 families from the Muhamasheen community have been displaced in Raydah district and hosted at nearby school.

  • In Amran district, at least 21 houses have been damaged (13 totally destroyed and 8 partially damaged).


  • In Bani Al Harith district, Yemen Red Crescent Society (YRCS) reported that at least 195 households in Bani Hawat area have been affected by the recent flash floods. The families are in need for NFIs, food, clothes and water tanks.


  • In Sirwah district, Marib Dam Foundation (MDF) reported that about 1,500 households have been displaced in Dhanah valley areas due to the recent floods. MDF found that the emergency shelters which had been provided by UNHCR in April 2016 as well as the makeshift shelters have been destroyed and the livestock drowned. There is an urgent need for emergency shelter, mosquito nets and NFIs.


  • On August 3, local authorities reported that the governorate has been affected by floods but no specific information on affected areas and number of victims has been received.


  • On August 5, Sama Al Yemen reported that floods have affected ten districts. The needs assessment conducted by Sama Al Yemen revealed that 1,572 households are in need of NFIs and ES. The affected households are mostly Bedouins and Muhamasheen community who are in an urgent need of shelter, NFIs and food. Other damages including wells and agricultural fields were also reported.

  • In Bart Al Anan, IOM reported that at least seven houses were destroyed in Al Rohob village and 50 individuals were displaced to other neighboring villages. Also, agricultural equipment, lands, water pumps, and wells were damaged. The preliminary assessment done by WHO shows that there are massive damages to houses and wells in two villages due to the recent floods