Yemen: Flash Floods Update Cluster Sitrep 1: 15 April 2016 [EN/AR]

Situation Report
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Situation Overview

Heavy rains on 13 and 14 April swept across several governorates and has led to severe flooding and landslides. Houses have been destroyed and families displaced. There are initial reports that up to 16 people have died as a result of the severe weather.

- Amran City, at least one individual was killed and two others remain missing as a result floods in the city.

  • Mr. Abdullah Sailan, General Director of the Planning and International Cooperation Office in Amran Governorate (MOPIC) is requesting humanitarian agencies to rapidly provide assistance to more than 1,000 families are in need of food and shelter assistance.

  • It is reported that hundreds of houses were affected by the floods, and thousands of people are currently in a precarious situation. Damage also reported to agriculture, roads, and water projects

  • The needs identified to date: Shelter NFIs and food; Mobile health clinics that target schools and other affected areas; health and hygiene equipment; WASH facilities for displaced families

- Al Safrah bridge along Sana’a Hudaydah road sustained severe damages as a result of heavy rainfall; the road has been cut off by floodwaters.

  • Estimated 1,200 families in Az Zuhrah and 900 families in Alluheyah are internally displaced and in need of NFIs and Emergency shelter

- Hajjah Governorate, Sharas District, at least 14 individuals were killed as a result of rockslides and floods in Bani Kadim area; residential areas sustained sever damages

- Dharawan area, Hamadan district in Sana’a has suffered from floods for the second time. Initial results from an ongoing assessment indicate the need for NFIs and emergency shelter.

- Aden Governorate, Al-Mualla and Twahi Districts, several houses sustained damages and telecommunication networks were affected due to heavy rainfall.