Yemen: Flash Floods in northern governorates Flash Update No. 1 (As of 21 April 2020) [EN/AR]

Situation Report
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Heavy rains and flooding across northern governorates, including Marib, in mid-April led to casualties and damaged property and sites for internally displaced persons (IDPs). Sana’a City and districts in Sana’a Governorate have been badly affected, Storms also hit other governorates including Ibb, Hajjah and Marib. The National Meteorology Centre in Sana’a has forecasted more heavy rains, high winds and thunderstorms in the northern areas, with potential of further flooding, and advised people to avoid flood-prone areas and against using mobile phones during thunderstorms.

There is a risk that the rains will damage roads and agricultural land, hinder humanitarian activities and affect the movement of civilians and supplies. There is also an increased risk of waterborne diseases including cholera and malaria.

In Ibb Governorate, on 12 April, heavy rains in Ba’dan District to the east of Ibb City caused flooding in the surrounding valleys. In Sana’a Governorate, on 13 April, torrential rain was reported in Sanhan district. In Sana’a City, in Amanat Al Asimah Governorate, two people were reportedly washed away in As Sabain District. A house collapsed in Old Sana’a, while other houses were damaged in various areas, including Qadisiya, Al Jarda'a, Al-Khafji, Shumaylah, Khawlan Street, Dar Salm, Al-Dahab, Bustan al-Sultan, and Bab AlSabah Mud slides have caused blockages in the drainage system. The Supreme Council for the Management and Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (SCMCHA) reported that 650 households were displaced in Al Qilfan area in As Sabain District, with some scattered in several areas such as Al Wahdah, Ma'ain, Az'zal and Bani Al Harith districts. The Mayor of Sana’a City, Amanat Al Asimah Governorate, directed the office of public works and services to rescue and evacuate citizens, provide shelter and assistance, and to preserve property and assess the damage caused. Heavy rain and high winds hit Marib Governorate on 15 April, damaging parts of Marib City and 16 sites for internally displaced persons (IDPs) across the governorate, according to the Executive Unit for IDPs (ExU). Initial information indicated that 7 people – 5 women and 2 children – were killed in the flooding and another 85 people were injured, including 7 who were seriously injured and hospitalized.

Heavy rains have also affected the Al Hudaydah hub area, mainly Hajjah Governorate, where heavy rains and flooding in Abs District on 14 April damaged shelters in IDP sites.

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